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Our simple, but one-of-a-kind change mat cover, was first designed and created to help my sister and I with nappy change time. With three bubs under three years old, we were changing a lot of nappies! We were spending a lot of time at the change table, but the change mat covers we were using simply weren’t working for us.

In the beginning we used all fabric change mat covers which we were washing constantly. We found that we would end up resorting to towels, disposable covers (expensive and not environmentally friendly) or just the cold plastic mat itself. In a light bulb moment, we thought that if we could have a soft warm material on the top half of a change mat cover for our babies heads, and a wipeable bottom half (where the business happens) then we would solve our problem. We could still keep our babies comfortable and warm whilst being able to wipe off any ‘mess’ fast and fuss free. Additionally, we had less washing, saving us much needed time and we saved money not buying disposable covers.

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